Interview with Naked Sunday

Naked Sunday is a street wear label born in the heart of London. Inspired by music, art, and underground culture, their designs feature provocative story based graphics with dark undertones and contrasting vibrant colours. We spoke with the creators behind Naked Sunday about their debut collection and what they have in store for us next…


How did the name Naked Sunday come about?
We were after a name that summed up the brand in a bold and unconventional way, something both cheeky and lovable. So we married two things together that everyone loves – getting naked and Sundays!

What inspired you to get into design?
We have all been lucky enough to have travelled the world and lived in some amazing culturally diverse cities with fashion at their cores. Everyone needs a creative outlet and combining our photography and Photoshop skills, we began creating ideas and stories that translated into our current designs.

Tell us about the inspiration for your debut collection?
Our debut collection is based on Homer’s poem The Odyssey, the story of travel, love and fortune. We have created our own [remixed] version of the saga and brought together our own journeys, to create bold and unconventional designs.

Are there plans to expand your current range?
We are adding four of the debut designs to black tees to cater for new markets, along with a planned release of our second collection in May/June. We are also planning to start adding a female line and other garments over the next few seasons.

What challenges have you faced in entering the fashion market?
Finding a manufacturer that could produce and print our garments to the high standard we expected. This took over a year to perfect and we are really happy with the end result.


Your designs feature a fusion of photography and illustration… where do you come up with the ideas for your concepts?
We start with a theme and then we create each design off the back of a story that fits within the theme.   Our current collection, inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, is a fusion of our travel experiences, love for music, and art.  For example, Sounds of Brixton brings together David Bowie who was born in Brixton, with the Brixton Academy, and the diverse cultures of British and Caribbean in Brixton.

Are there any artists or musicians you would love to collaborate with on a campaign?
We would love to collaborate with emerging artists.  It would be interesting to see how we could combine our creativity and collective interests using our tees as a canvas to tell a story. We are also big fans of street art and would always be interested in an opportunity to work with a street artist.

Who is your style muse?
Too many to name just one.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
We hope to be a staple street wear label found in most male and female wardrobes globally.




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