August 11, 2022
Horse Racing Fashion 3

Top Horse Racing Fashion Trends for Women

Horse racing fashion is important. Mint juleps, ostentatious hats, pocket squares, and lovely sundresses! In comparison to other spectator sports, attending a horse racing provides a comprehensive experience. It is usual to dress appropriately for the occasion, which contributes to the track environment.

While the majority of races do not have an official dress code or required attire, it is critical to know what to wear to a horse race track in order to enjoy the entire race day experience.

We’ve developed a list of top tips for racing track attire to ensure you arrive looking your best. So, here are the best horse racing fashion tips for women which will help you to be in complete control of any racing event!


Historically, women’s racewear consisted of strictly modest midi dresses with full skirts and high necklines, as well as classic millinery and an abundance of florals. While florals will always be a spring racewear classic, ladies attending spring racing events such as this year’s Melbourne Cup Day can stray from modest frocks. Mini dresses, asymmetrical necklines, and blazer dresses have all been popular choices for horse racing fashion in recent years (see 2021 race fashion), and 2022 will be no exception. You can read more about the Melbourne Cup 2022 via this link.

Spring fashion trends are likely to include the expected suspects: pastels and florals. However, for the spring carnival season, we anticipate some very bright block colours, such as the fashionable shade of Fuschia that has been spotted everywhere.


Here are some suggestions for horse racing fashion to help you look your best during the next racing season.


Horse Racing Fashion 2

Horse racing and horse tracks come in varieties. Typically, most people are referring to the Jockey Club’s conventional Thoroughbred oval racetrack. For these races, spectators’ comfort is not a priority. Indeed, for many, the classic flat races’ dress might be compared to an iconic version of “Sunday finest.”

Other races, particularly those that are season-dependent, may have a less formal atmosphere. The Kentucky Derby, for example, is a fashion hotspot! The assortment of extravagant and magnificent outfit choices made by spectators is almost as well-documented in high-fashion magazines and other outlets as the winning horse! You have to know your race so that you dress the part and aren’t the odd one out.


Not all race tracks are as prestigious and exciting as some of the larger circuits. However, the majority of flat races remain a socialite-type event, with ladies frequently dressed in high-fashion attire. Some courses will even recognise guests for their best-dressed appearances!

Women often wear modest-length skirts or dresses rather than pants, depending on the temperature. If heels are unavailable, dress flats are a pleasant alternative. Stockings and other accessories such as “Derby” type caps, gloves, and hand-held fans make a resurgence at racing tracks. We recommend vibrant hues, florals, and designs, or a conventional spring pastel colour palette. Even as autumn approaches, many ladies continue to wear autumn nudes that are enhanced with vibrant colours.

Certain races will have strict dress restrictions, and non-compliance will result in disqualification. Royal Ascot places a high premium on adhering to a very traditional and respected dress code. The Royal Enclosure is another event that has stringent dress code requirements. Female spectators are required to wear a headpiece or hat at all times.

Remember when you are at the races half the fun is betting on them. If you don’t have time to bet whilst at the races you can bet prior to heading to the meeting. If you want to bet on the races before heading to the meeting we recommend an online bookmaker like Ladbrokes. You can read more about Ladbrokes Australia here.


  • Layering is critical

Winter fashion is remarkable in its capacity to layer. Layering instantly adds dimension and mystery to an otherwise plain look. Layering is just as critical on the track when it comes to horse racing women fashion.

Consider wearing winter whites or beige with a closed-toe shoe or perhaps a boot. A stylish, wide-brimmed hat completes the look.

  • Maintain Your Comfort

While exotic headgear, high heels, and extravagant gowns make for eye-catching photographs of such a memorable day, not everyone feels comfortable in this attire. Bear in mind that many of these events feature many races spaced out across several hours. Additionally, you can dine and enjoy a few beverages there.

Fortunately, you can still look amazing while maintaining a more practical and comfy appearance. For instance, ladies attending the Kentucky Derby may opt for a smaller hat and a light, pastel-colored gown. Gents attending a race in Dubai may wish to dress in a short-sleeved but beautiful shirt to stay cool. They may choose a versatile attire that allows them to easily remove their jacket and tie if the temperature becomes too hot.

Additionally, your footwear is critical. At some racetracks, you may be required to stand for long hours or walk-through uneven grass or dirt surfaces. If you want to look decent in high heels, it’s a good idea to keep a pair of flats with you.

  • Take note of the Forecast

Many of the world’s most intriguing horse racing meetings take place throughout the spring and summer. There is undoubtedly something exhilarating about arriving at an event like this dressed in your finest spring clothes and basking in the sun while the horses’ race.

However, it’s worth noting that inclement weather can force you to second guess your dress choices. Even if it rains, the horses will continue to run, so bringing an umbrella is a prudent idea.

The combination of high temperatures and the possibility of rain explains why wide-brimmed hats and umbrellas are required accessories at many gatherings. Rather than attempting to slip them in unnoticed, it is advisable to plan your clothing with these considerations in mind.


Horse racing fashion at the races is not something to take lightly so, accept a little fluff, experiment with a shorter suit, and even (elegantly) experiment with cut-outs.

However, the key to winning horse racing women fashion is to temper the trend with classic accessories. Incorporate an elegant pump & top-handle tote to elevate an on-trend Bermuda shorts and blazer ensemble, or use clever layering to offset the nakedness of cut-outs. Remember, on race day, a deft game of reveal-and-conceal will be your best friend.

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