Holloway Eyewear – 2012 Collection

Eco-friendly, sustainable eyewear for men and women from Australia

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Based in Brisbane’s West End, Holloway Eyewear is one of Australia’s hottest up-and-coming optical brands, founded by Australian designers Raffaele Persichetti and Martin Gordon Brown. With both founders growing up in an environment with stunning natural surroundings – and with their accompanying respect for the environment – they were determined to follow an eco-friendly and green design philosophy.

The brand began simply as an evolution of the design duo’s lifestyle, where creating from natural materials is the only viable option – understanding the impact on the environment is of paramount importance to Holloway Eyewear.

Holloway Eyewear is rapidly growing in its material resources, starting to scavenge from hard industries like metals and stone, as well as using reclaimed timber and recycled skate decks and snowboards. It is these recycled materials that help make up the brand’s 2012 collection that is full of unique killer frames, hand constructed from skateboard decks with impeccable attention to detail. This season sees the brand experiment with finishing in natural pigments and stains, which has really changed the look of the end product.

Stand out pieces of the men’s and women’s eyewear collection include the Driftwood Aqua Owls, which have a large round vibrant turquoise frame and deep black arms; the Vampire Baroness SK8, which have the classic cats eye frames in a richly stained wood; and the Julius SK8 Classics, which are made up of a small round frame reminiscent of John Lennon.

In the future, Holloway Eyewear hope to produce low-cost eyewear for third-world situations, children’s opticals and safety frames for water and sports, such as snow goggles and protective surf eyewear. But until then, why not enjoy the brand’s 2012 eyewear collection.

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Lookbook 01

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Lookbook 02

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Julius Clear Frame

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Frankie Clears Frames

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Back to School Narcs

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Baroness SK8

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Driftwood Aqua Owls

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Forest Fire Owls

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Julius SK8 Classics

Holloway Eyewear 2012 La Barcca SK8

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Natural Owls

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Owl Pink

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Owls Classic

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Owls SK8 Limited

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Owls SK8 Limited Green

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Queens Deluxe

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Queens SK8 Dark Green

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Queens SK8 Light Green

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Sea Driftwood Julias

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Sand Driftwood Julias

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Signature Queens

Holloway Eyewear 2012 SK8 or Die Queens

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Turtle SK8 Narcs

Holloway Eyewear 2012 Vampire Baroness SK8

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