Holloway Eyewear

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses and Optical Frames from Brisbane, Australia.

By Raffaele Persichetti and Martin Gordon Brown

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Holloway Eyewear is one of the hottest up and coming Australian optical brands. Recently we were lucky enough to have a chat with one of the founders behind the brand, Raffaele Persichetti to find out the all the nitty gritty details behind his brand, which he set up in partnership with friend, Martin Gordon Brown.

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How did Holloway Eyewear come to fruition? Where did it all begin for the brand?
Both myself and Marty grew up in natural environments, the Sunshine Coast and Mt Glorious rainforest so we’re naturally programmed to seek out and protect nature. Essentially we have a great respect for the planet and the process of protecting ourselves and each other within it. Holloway began as an evolution of our lifestyles within those nurturing environments where design from natural materials was originally child’s play. We seek to maintain our existence with a better understanding of our impact and always act purposefully with tomorrow in mind.

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What can we expect from Holloway Eyewear in the coming collections?
What you’ve seen so far is really only just the beginning, and it’s changing daily now…We’re constantly seeking better understanding of our impact on the planet and acting purposefully for the future.

Our material resources are growing rapidly and we have started scavenging from hard industries like metals and stone. We’ve finished prototypes of the used snowboard range and are playing round more with finishing in natural pigments and stains, which are really changing the end product. We’re working on ways to produce low-cost eyewear for third-world situations and honing in on safety for water and sports, so the drawing board is pretty varied at the moment. Look out for bamboo shades, snow goggles, protective surf eyewear and some kid’s specs too!

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What does Holloway Eyewear draw inspiration from? What else inspires the brand?
We’re living in time of change where an abundance of inspiration is emanating from great minds and like minded organizations. Companies such as Patagonia and many boutique Australian designers are leading the way in eco-fashion, encouraging everyone to be more environmentally conscious and respect the planet. We’re driven to change the way plastics and other low life-cycle value materials are viewed by the masses and inspire others to use their hands to set Australia as the world’s inspiration for sustainable existence.

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Eyewear seems to be a growing speciality for Australian labels. The likes of Graz, Isson, Bassike, Ksubi amongst others, are seeing opportunities in the eyewear market. What is it that attracted you to the optical market?
Eyewear is a prominent product for Australian’s and given a good cause, they’ll fight for what they believe in. Our pieces are ultimately designed to give height to your soapbox. We figure, the movement will be spread by and endorsed by the people, who in their search of a better future will look one another in the eyes, potentially through the Holloway. They’re conversation starters, and often that’s all you need to get a crowd talking and create positive change.

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If you could pick someone famous that best represents the ethos of Holloway Eyewear who would it be?
I think of all the amazing people we’ve been inspired by such as David Suzuki, Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia Founder), David Attenborough and the list goes on. The most awe-inspiring human influence we have witnessed is in the people of Meghalaya – deep within the Indian rainforest, tree roots are trained to grow across the raging river network sprawling throughout one of the wettest areas on the planet. Vines are hand wound through generations of Meghalayn’s to match up with ancient trees on the opposite sides of the river. A single bridge can take more than a generation to grow so the design and nurturing techniques are imperative in the training of the tribes youth. A truly natural, effective and sustainable approach!

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Complete the following sentence: Holloway Eyewear is unique because…
We are creating whilst reducing. The impact from our creation of essential products for people, neutralising the effect of others who have gone before us.

Visit the official Holloway website, here.

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