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An Australian designer label by Alexandra and Genevieve Smart

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Introduction to the Ginger & Smart Fashion Label

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Sydney-based sister Genevieve and Alexandra Smart launched their womenswear label ‘Ginger & Smart’ in 2002, following a strong desire to develop a strong fashion an lifestyle brand. The pair certainly had the skills and experience needed to start their own brand – Alexandra was coming from a creative business background as an Editor and Publisher for luxury lifestyle magazines (including Oyster), books and websites; while Genevieve spent years at the design helm of some of Australia’s finest fashion labels, including 6 years spent as Chief Designer of Lisa Ho six years.

The original concept behind Ginger & Smart came after Genevieve spent time in hospital and craved luxe goodies rather than the normal gift of flowers and chocolates. “We realized that luxe was not about the money spent, but rather the way things made you feel, so we developed and launched the Ginger & Smart spa range,” Alexandra says. The Ginger & Smart Spa Collection featured a range of scented candles, moisturisers, facial creams and eye masks.

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The sisters sold their spa range to fashion and lifestyle boutiques that they wanted to grow into. Having established a relationship with these boutiques, they were able to go back a couple of years later when they had developed the Ginger & Smart accessories collection, and back again another year later when the Ginger & Smart ready-to-wear collection was completed. It was the development of these long-term relationships that would help drive the brand’s expansion across Australia.

As of 2012, the Ginger & Smart fashion label has three Australian stand alone boutiques, as well as being available in over 60 boutiques and through David Jones department stores nationally. Additionally, the brand is placed in carefully selected and prestigious boutiques throughout the world including, Matches and Rous Iland in the UK; Lane Crawford in Hong Kong; Elizabeth Charles in the USA; and Cara & Co in Russia.

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Ginger & Smart Fashion Label: Key Dates

  • 2002: Sisters Genevieve and Alexandra Smart launch their fashion and lifestyle label ‘Ginger & Smart’ with a spa range.
  • 2005: Ginger & Smart appear on Business Review Weekly’s list of Australia’s top 40 fastest-growing businesses.
  • 2006: The Ginger & Smart fashion label opens its first flagship store on William St. in Sydney’s Paddington.
  • 2009: Ginger & Smart launch their online boutique, selling the brand’s full product line.
  • 2010: The Ginger & Smart brand becomes officially accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, which means that everyone involved in the production of a garment receives fair wages and works in decent conditions. Since introducing the Ethical Clothing Australia swing tag, Ginger & Smart have seen an increase in interest from shoppers, with consumers commenting that they prefer to buy Ginger & Smart other other brands as they know the collections are produced ethically.
  • 2011: Ginger & Smart collaborate with cosmetics brand Shu Umura to create two limited edition eye shadow palette, which pay tribute to two dresses form the Ginger & Smart Spring/Summer 2011-2012 collection, entitled ‘Anon’.

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Aesthetic of the Ginger & Smart Fashion Label

The Ginger & Smart woman is chic, modern and exudes a cool confidence – she is full of contrasts, all at once she is a lover, business woman, mother, sister, friend and is seeking out an individual expression of who she is. ‘Luxury Escape’is the design philosophy behind each collection, with hard and soft textures and silhouettes being juxtaposed with each other. Vibrant prints and dynamic colour palettes also plat a key role in the signature Ginger & Smart aesthetic.

Ginger & Smart combine captivating design with the top quality materials and first rate manufacturers. Recently accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, the brand product mix includes designer fashion, a leather accessories line, and a mix of products that cater to a luxury lifestyle, such as the highly sought after Ginger & Smart scented candles.

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Visit the official Ginger & Smart website, here.

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