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Fortunes Fool Fashion & Clothing

Fortunes Fool is an independent Australian fashion label started by two Sydney Bondi boys, Shay Carthew and Lior Abrahami. Fortunes Fool first graced us with their presence in 2007, selling distinctive unisex clothing at the Glebe markets. As the cliché goes – the rest is history.

Fortunes Fool fashion is now a heavily demanded boutique fashion label, stocked in the most prestigious fashion stores throughout Australia. The label has been praised for its distinct Nordic look, synonymous with labels such as Filippa K (Sweden) and Australian labels Chronicles of Never, Mjolk, and Claude Maus.

High quality and originality have made Fortunes Fool clothing a favourite amongst the high-end ‘in party scene’, as well as the grunge scene city dwellers. Fortunes Fool clothing is best described as dark with designs highlighted with clean lines and cuts which embrace a militaristic structured style crossed with an elegant, bold stance.

Despite the youth of Fortunes Fool fashion label, Australian Fashion Review believes that Fortunes Fool is a label on the rise. The mature Nordic European styling is evidently taking hold amongst Australian fashionistas, a trend that Fortunes Fool fashion label has not only embraced, but made its own through its innovative styling and high quality.

We look forward to seeing what Fortunes Fool future collections have to offer the fashion industry.

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Fortunes Fool Fashion & Clothing

Fortunes Fool Fashion & Clothing

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