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Extinct Fashion Label

Australian Fashion Review caught up with Australian designer Simon Foretti for some words about his boutique fashion label Extinct.

How did you get into fashion design? Where did it all begin for you?

Since being a teenager I have always been heavily involved with both graffiti art and making music which sort of led me to fashion.

Once I graduated from a bachelor of business at Uni, I did a whole heap of shitty part time jobs whilst playing in a band. At that time I started extinct on the side and started to work part time in retail fashion.  Every spare minute/moment/dollar went into designing a small range, which I sold to around 12 small boutiques nationally; this gave me the confidence that I could possibly do this full time.  A few years later I began my move into retail by setting up a store on Brunswick Street.

What can we expect from the Extinct label in the coming collections?

We are always striving for evolution, whilst still remaining true to our aesthetic,

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?

It is to be synonymous for making quality garments that become part of you, the ones that will see through almost any occasion and the ones you can fall in love with and stand the test of time.

For me personally, it is to always keep having fun with it and not get too dragged down by the business side of things.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

What inspires me is quite clear as it’s mainly music and art, but I’m also heavily influenced by the things, people, places I see in my daily life.

More so than any one particular designer I would say that I’m influenced by certain era’s of music/art/fashion such as 60s psychedelic rock, 70s dirty funk, 80s hip hop and most recent early 80s italo disco.

Each era I get into always has a few key designers of the time, who I admire for both there fashion and sense of timing.

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

I’m more interested in dressing those around me. I have an interesting bunch of friends/ staff/ friends of staff and to me these are my celebrities who I am totally interested in dressing.

Complete the following sentence: Extinct clothing is unique because:

….. We are interested in a minimal/refined approach to design. A bit less is more.

Extinct Fashion label AustraliaExtinct Fashion label Australia

Extinct Fashion label AustraliaExtinct Fashion label Australia

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