Ellery Clothing – Resort 2011/2012 Campaign

Designer Australian Womenswear by Kym Ellery

Inspired by David Hockney

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Ellery Fashion Resort 2011

Dutch fashion model, Kim Noorda stars as the face of Ellery’s beautiful Resort 2011/12 campaign, which was shot by renowned photographer Darren McDonald. Under creative direction from fashion director Kym Ellery, the campaign sees gorgeous model Kim take to the streets of Paris in designs inspired by David Hockney’s 1963 painting, ‘The Second Marriage’. The muted hues and structured silhouettes of the collection are complimented by simple wavy tresses by Romina Manenti and natural make-up by Tiina Roivainen.

The collection this season is a collision of the French Renaissance and alternative chic –  juxtaposition between classic style and modern tailoring. The resort 2011/12 line features wide-legged trousers, tuxedo jackets with relaxed boyfriend, structured bodice dresses with vintage-style prints, and beaded embellishments. The stand out piece of the collection is the structured top with feature pockets, which create a unique silhouette.

So without further ado we present the Resort 2011/12 campaign from Ellery…Enjoy!

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 01

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 02

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 03

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 04

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 05

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 06

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 07

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 08

Ellery Fashion Resort 2011 09

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