Eleventh Commandment Clothing

Eleventh Commandment – An Australian Label

by designers Henry Holland and Josh Oldfield

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Eleventh Commandment Fashion

Australian Fashion Review caught up with Henry Holland of Australian label Eleventh Commandment for a few words on his boutique label with Josh Oldfield.

How did you get into fashion design? Where did it all begin for Eleventh Commandment?

That’s a good question. Neither Josh or I have any formal fashion training, so I can’t really remember when the first time we had the idea to start a label was. Our motto is ‘Style is a Language’, and that came from a couple of occasions when I was travelling overseas and I would approach someone or someone would approach me and even though we didn’t speak the same language we would indicate that we liked each other’s style. So I guess it was around that time that I had the first inklings that I would like to start a label and from there Eleventh Commandment was born.

What can we expect from the Eleventh Commandment label in the coming collections?

We’re currently working on developing our winter 2011 collection, which is really exciting. This is definitely the best part of the process, because it’s all about sourcing fabrics and throwing around crazy ideas and experimenting. After that it’s all about condensing the range and cutting things out and producing sample after sample after sample to get things perfect, which isn’t as fun. The winter 2011 collection is to be called

‘Made in the Future’ and plays with the concept of futuristic vintage. It is all about contrasting elements and is inspired by the filmclip for Yeasayer ‘ONE’, which is one of our favourite bands.

Eleventh Commandment Fashion

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?

The goals that we have set include being stocked in the very top stores around the country and to expand further overseas. We currently have agents in Norway and Sweden so cracking the Scandinavian market is a big priority of ours. Retail is tough at the moment though so it’s going to take a lot of work. The long-term goal is to buy a small island in the Caribbean and have hoards of models fan us with palm fronds and feed us grapes. Hopefully we can achieve that by next grape season.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

We’re not inspired by any particular fashion designers as such but there are some really cool labels out there that are constantly pushing boundaries. We love Scandinavian style, which has produced some of the best denim brands in the world in our opinion, with the likes of Cheap Monday, Nudie and Dr Denim. Closer to home I really like some of the Stolen Girlfriends Club stuff as well as Illionaire.

However while we do respect them I wouldn’t say any of those labels inspire us as such. Music is our main inspiration and plays a huge role in our whole creative process. In the past we have also featured plenty of music icons in our designs, including David Bowie, Pete Doherty, Digitalism, Brandon Boyd, Axl Rose and Busy P to name just a few.

Eleventh Commandment Fashion

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

Busy P – if you don’t know who this is, check this out


Complete the following sentence: Eleventh Commandment clothing is unique because……

of the little things. Our garments feature several design details that you won’t see anywhere else, such as reinforced crotches so your jeans will never tear and a customised stitch around the hem of all men’s tees and singlets so they will never lose their shape. Our customers seem to really appreciate these details so it’s these kind of things that set us apart. That and the fact that we have super powers. Josh can levitate leather objects with his mind and I once started a fire using nothing but a lighter, a pile of wood and some petrol. While neither of these skills help in running a label they do make for good party tricks.

Eleventh Commandment Fashion

Eleventh Commandment Fashion

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