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Does Not Equal Jewellery

Does Not Equal Jewellery

Australian Fashion Review Blog was lucky enough to catch up with Charisse Black for a quick chat about her boutique jewellery label Does Not Equal. Does Not Equal is an independant Australian based jewellery label that focuses on the creation of unique jewellery pieces for both women and men.

Mens Jewellery has particularly taken off over the past few years, with a number of Australian labels such as Does Not Equal and Chronicles of Never creating full ranges. You could definatel say its a sign of the times as fashion progresses and traditional boundaries are broken down.

Check out our internetview with Charisse below!r

Q1)Who is the name behind “Does not Equal” and what is you background?

Charisse Black is the name behind Does Not Equal, with a Bachelor of Design from RMIT University which is the practice of graphic design it made the transition into jewellery an easier one.

Q2)When and where did “Does not Equal” first begin?

Does Not Equal first began in 2007, and started by hand producing limitedbedition items of jewellery mainly from wood. From here it grew and took onbnew angles, new inspiration and gathered momentum.

Q3)What inspired the creation of jewellery?

More than just being inspired to create jewellery, I wanted to create ablabel that appealed to guys. I felt they were being left out of thebjewellery market, and wanted to give them something that they could wearband feel proud to own.

Does Not Equal Jewellery

Q4)Your latest range “Black Truth/ White Lies” – does it symbolise anything in particular?

The current collection “Black Truth / White Lies” was inspired by a personal series of events whereby the truth was in a dark cloak and all that seemed to reveal itself within it was the light of lies. This has been developed into symbolic pieces within the jewellery, from the colour palette to the shapes themselves. I felt this journey would translate well as jewellery, and knew that the solidness of the meaning would also speak well to the male market.

Q5) Looking forward – what do you aim to accomplish with your label? Does expanding overseas fit into the big picture?

Expanding into the overseas market is a move that I see to be on our cards within the next year or so. I think oversees buyers and customers are always interested in what we have to offer in Australia, and I think that Does Not Equal would be received well in the US, UK and Sweden especially. As a label, we have big plans for what we would like to accomplish in the future – extending beyond fashion and jewellery.

Q6) If you could pick someone famous to represent your brand/label and where the product, who would it be and why?

Rockers with style like Michael Hutchence, Kurt Cobain, or the epitome of bad boy style James Dean. Living, I would say Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. Their style is their own, it is effortless and yet everyone takes notice.

Q7) Who are your favourite fashion designers!!

At the risk of being boring, I have to say Hedi Slimane, & Vivenne Westwood, Jonny Johansson creative director of ACNE and I also think Surface 2 Air’s creative direction and vision is nothing short of perfect, they are incredible at what they do.

Designer Jewellery by Does Not Equal Fashion Label

Designer Jewellery by Does Not Equal Fashion Label

Designer Jewellery by Does Not Equal Fashion Label

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