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Dizingof  – Designer Womens Clothing by Haim Bzezinksi

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Dizingof Designer Womens Fashion Label

DIZINGOF - Womens Clothing & Fashion

Q1) Who is Haim Bzezinksi?

For a designer responsible for the creation of iconic Melbourne label DIZINGOF, entirely without formal design training, Haim Bzezinski is surprisingly modest. A quiet man, Bzezinski tends to shy away from fashion shows and disposable trends, choosing instead to focus on the garments themselves. It is this focus and creativity which has made Bzezinski in to one of Melbourne’s most sought after independent designers.

Born 1975 in Israel, Bzezinski and his three brothers were raised by their mother and their carpenter father. For a time the designer worked at carpentry alongside his father, a skill which he still utilizes today, both as inspiration for his work and in designing DIZINGOF stores. But at a young age Bzezinski was uninterested in fashion, though his feel for aesthetics and structure was evident in his first love, architecture.

Dizingof Designer Haim Bzezinksi
Dizingof Designer Haim Bzezinksi

Q2) How did the Dizingof label begin?

It was this love of combining style with structure which developed into a natural feel for fashion.  After leaving home at 21 to travel the world, Bzezinski finally settled in Melbourne, drawn to its independent fashion scene. It was here that he decided to create not buildings, but clothing as carefully designed and constructed as any modern structure.

Astonishingly self-taught, Bzezinski’s designs owe more to the city environment surrounding him than to the influence of one particular designer or teacher. But though he has excelled in his chosen field Bzezinski has not left his love of architecture behind.

Q2) What can we expect from Dizingof in the coming collections?

DIZINGOF’s Autumn/Winter Collection (2010) is a perfect synergy of innovative futuristic formations and the refined note of Renaissance glamour: the perfect compilation of past meets future.

The signature DIZINGOF cut still reigns supreme and comes to life in the form of coats, jackets, vest and skirts, with ruffles, tucking and draping cleverly interwined to reinforce the mix of old world/new world look.

Q3) What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?

As to the future, Bzezinski aims to one day introduce DIZINGOF to the globe, spreading his belief that true style comes from clothing constructed as an extension of the individual, not from attempts to adhere to the latest trend.

Q4) Who are Haim’s favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires him?

Alexander McQueen- very individual

Q5) If you could pick someone famous that best represents the Dizingof style, who would it be?

Kirsten Dunst – love her look & style- never looks like she’s trying too hard, naturally stylish.

Q6) Complete the following sentence: Dizingof clothing is unique because:

They don’t follow any trends therefore can be worn forever.

DIZINGOF - Womens Clothing & Fashion

DIZINGOF - Womens Clothing & Fashion

DIZINGOF - Womens Clothing & Fashion

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