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Introduction to the Deadly Ponies Fashion Label

Design-duo, Liam Bowden and Katie Smith, met at design school, sharing a mutual passion for all things sculptural, tactile and crafty. From this mutual love, grew the accessories fashion label ‘Deadly Ponies’ beginning with the self taught creating one-off leather pieces and jewellery from home. Teaching themselves the necessary pattern construction, sewing and finishing skills required in leather good construction was my no means easy, but the DIY approach led to a unique aesthetic. The collaborative accessories label soon became the ideal combination of high fashion and off-beat contemporary design.

A lingering desire to continue learning the art of leather work saw Katie leave the Deadly Ponies brand and New Zealand in 2010, travelling to London, Hong Kong, New York and Melbourne to learn from the best. Katie returned to New Zealand at the end of 2011, following a stint working for Australian accessories brand MIMCO, and founded her solo accessories label ‘Kate of Arcadia’.

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Katie’s departure by no means halted the progress and popularity of Deadly Ponies, which continued to offer an eclectic collection of bags, leather accessories and jewellery. As of early 2012, all Deadly Ponies collections remain to be 100% designed and produced in New Zealand and were available through some of the world’s finest boutiques including, The Corner Shop and Alphaville in Australia’s New South Wales, Violet Green in Australia’s Queensland, One of a Few in Canada’s Vancouver, Midwest in Japan’s Tokyo, and Walker and Hall in New Zealand’s Auckland. A full list of stockists can be found on the official Deadly Ponies website.

Aesthetic of the Deadly Ponies Fashion Label

The Deadly Ponies collections are inspired by the childhood fantasies of an enchanted forest. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted, right from the leather selection, to the stitching and hardware hammering. Part high quality and part layered contemporary design; the Deadly Ponies collections bridge the gap between high-fashion and functionality.

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Deadly Ponies: An Eco-Fashion Label

Although Deadly Ponies is known primarily for its leather good, it doesn’t mean that the brand is not committed to being more eco-friendly. The brand is committed to producing bags and accessories that are as environmentally friendly as possible. As a New Zealand-based label, Deadly Ponies is fortunate to have access to some of the most natural and sustainable products around.

Deadly Ponies make their bags out of the strongest and softest deer leather available, which is sourced in New Zealand’s Aoteroa. The brand has environmental conditions and top notch processing techniques that give New Zealand deer leather a reputation for world class quality. The Deadly Ponies fashion label, uses organic, vegetable-tanned leather, eliminating the need for chemical treatments. The bag linings are made from 100% cotton and any brass hardware used is produced without any tins or alloys, meaning that no refining is requires.

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All Deadly Ponies bags are designed, produced and dispatched on home soil from the downtown Auckland workroom. Every last scrap of leather is used in production – small off-cuts are used for bag components such as tabs, straps and belts, and any other remaining off-cuts are donated to local schools for craft projects.

Visit the official Deadly Ponies website, here.

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