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Vintage-Style Fashions for the Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Grow Up

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casper&pearl is an Adelaide-based fashion label, founded by designer Stacey Hendrickson in March of 2011. Stacey’s creations are all carefully made by hand using vintage or vintage inspired fabrics. The inspiration behind the brand follows the story of two little girls, growing up in each others pockets in the countryside. The two little girls never outgrew their innocent and playful nature of climbing trees, tea parties and whispered secrets. casper&pearl is the fashion label 15-25 year-olds who want to continue to spend sunny afternoons making daisy chains, never wanting to grow up.

casper&pearl began it’s journey at the Gilles Street Markets, selling altered vintage pieces. In just a few months, casper&pearl has been featured on international style blogs and Teen Vogue. As of 2011, casper&giles is stocked in some of the quirkiest boutiques throughout Australia including Queensland’s Urban Elements and New South Wales’s Ruby & Jack, as well as through online store The Hanging Space.

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We were lucky enough to talk with founder of casper&pearl, Stacey Hendrickson about the origins and inspirations behind her label. Check out the resulting interview below.

How did you get into fashion design? Where did it all begin for casper&pearl?
Since I can remember I have always been interested in fashion design; it begun with a toy sewing machine I got for Christmas when I was younger, making the curtains for my bedroom. I have been making my own clothes for years now, and then went on to making them for friends,  then their friends and so on. It all just kind of blossomed into an established business this year (2011) when I finished high school and began my short journey at fashion design school. I had a market stall at Adelaide’s Gilles Street Markets under the name casper&pearl and from there there was no turning back.

What can we expect from casper&pearl in the coming collections?
Well at the moment my collections are very limited as they are handmade and are mostly made of vintage fabrics; I like the idea that when a girl buys something from me, she could be the only person in the world wearing that dress. In saying that though, I am currently working on my first official collection for S/S 2012, I don’t want to give too much away but it’s going to be very girly and sweet, just like c&p girls are!

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What do you hope to accomplish with your unique fashion label? What is the dream!?
The dream: to make up a huge batch of designs, go on a road trip along the east coast of Australia and sell my pieces at every market I come across! Apart from that little day dream, I would love for c&p to just grow to so much more than it is now. I’m a little impatient I guess, so I always feel like I’m not going fast enough. When I sit back and take it all in though I can appreciate that I have only been running casper&pearl for a few months, and I’m already stocked in the USA, sending items to Lisa Mitchell and have already gained such a big following!

Who are your favourite designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?
Where to start! My favourite labels would have to be Chloe, Lover, T by Alexander Wang, Jill Stuart, 3.1 Phillip Lim…I could really go on forever. I’m inspired by innocence, light colours, bare backs, vintage and days gone by, free spirits and the 70’s. I have no doubt that in time I’ll be inspired by different era’s and colours, but a concept that will always stay with me is the idea behind casper&pearl; which is the contrast between innocence and mischief (e.g. a girly sun dress with cut outs or a low back). The name casper&pearl is derived from this childlike characteristic – my nickname as a kid was Casper and my friend’s name was Pearl.

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing casper&pearl?
Isabel Lucas, no question! I find her so similar to the c&p girl- sweet, innocent, caring. Her style is so inspiring to me and she is often pinned up on my mood boards, so it would be great to see her wear something that was actually inspired by her. I’d also love to see Alexa Chung wearing casper&pearl, her grandma/little boy style is so adorable and I often find myself trying to mimic her outfits.

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Complete the following sentence: casper&pearl is unique because…
casper&pearl is unique because everything is handmade and very limited, which means you will never have that awkward moment when you’re wearing the same thing as somebody else! I’m also just really doing it for the love of it, so I’m often sneaking in a free necklace or headband into a parcel because I think it will go well with the dress that they ordered! I think the little things are the biggest things.

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