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Brooke Daniels founded her namesake womenswear label in 2008 with the aim of accentuating the womanly form, to make the wearer look and feel fabulous. Inpsired by the sleek styling of European fashion, the Brooke Daniels aesthetic features classic lines, rich colouring, top quality fabrics and on trend designs. The Brooke Daniels brand is 100% Australian owned, with all materials sourced locally.

Recently we were lucky enough to get all our ‘must know’ questions answered from the designer womenswear brand.

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Who is behind the Brooke Daniels label and what does the brand specialise in?

Brooke Daniels is the designer behind her namesake womenswear label. Brooke Daniels specializes in the creation of simple womenswear basics with a chic twist. The collections predominantly feature dresses all of which are constructed to be incredibly flattering. There is a distinct air of European styling to the former and current ranges.

When and where was the label founded?

Brooke has had a career that has spanned over a decade in the fashion industry. She opened a boutique originally named Milk Bar in Bondi over 5 years ago. Frustrated that there was a distinct lack of on trend contour wear in the market, she launched the Brooke Daniels label in late 2008.

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What are the future plans for the Brooke Daniels fashion label?

The Brooke Daniels summer 11/12 will hit stockist’s shelves nationally in October 2011. The brand has an incredibly successful online store, and has also signed with Westfield to be listed as a brand on their web site.
Creatively, Brooke Daniels will continue to develop striking, wearable and flattering dresses, styled with their in house accessories line.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers Brooke Daniels draws influence from.

Technically there are references to Herve Ledger in terms of the panel work that features in the Brooke Daniels bandage dresses, but the ideology of the brand is derived from the work of Gianni Versace, who used fashion to amplify the beauty of women.

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Name the ideal celebrity that reflects your the Brooke Daniels style. Who are the Brooke Daniel celebrity fans?

Brooke has long worshipped the beauty, style and intelligence of Elle McPherson, but this year Rosie Huntington has emerged as the muse for the summer 11/12 collection. Pieces have been submitted to Rihanna, and locally fans of the Brooke Daniels brand include Sophie Monk, Lisa Seiffert, Laura Csortan, Nikki Philips, Rachel Finch, Lara Bingle, Lauren Jackson, Maude Garrett and many more gorgeous ladies.

Where is the Brooke Daniels stocked?

The Brooke Daniels flagship store is located in Gould St Bondi Beach.

Their direct online store is found at

In October 2011, the Brooke Daniels brand will be available on the Westfield website.

They are stocked nationally in boutiques – contact Brooke Daniels on (02)9090 2246 for national direction.

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Visit the official Brooke Daniels website, here.

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