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The two fashion designers behind Australian label Beat Poet, Edward von Bertouch and James St Johnson have created a subculture underground following of male fashionistas. Beat Poet clothing & accessories are not the product of a conventional fashion label. Ed and James have created Beat Poet to represent a mathematical, logical equation, that is:

Quality fabrics x proportionate cuts x simple colours = Beat Poet Clothing & Accessories.

Beat Poet is a Sydney based fashion label that formed in early 2005, with the first full-line collection being released in April 2006. After a short stint in Melbourne, Beat Poet retuned back to Sydney where it now releases two fashion ranges every year – a winter-autumn collection, and a spring-summer fashion collection.

Ed & James - Beat Poet fashion designers
Edward von Bertouch and James St Johnson – Beat Poet designers/founders

Originally, Beat Poet was simply an accessories label named Punkt Linie Flache which translates to ‘Point Line Plane’ the basic design elements as they extend outwards. It was taken from Kandinsky’s manifesto of the same name that explores the relationship between musical composition and the composition of a painting.

These days, Beat Poet focuses on MEnsweAr – MEA representing the following:

‘M’ – Morning dress demonstrates a less formal approach to fabric, cut and silhouette for daily use

‘E’ – Evening dress involves garments of the finest fabrics and a more calculated finish

‘A’ – All accessories are boxed in silver-foiled optical white boxes.

The Beat Poet boys say they draw strong influences from Belguim designers, mainly from those based in Antwerp.

“We are in the same position, we are isolated from the major cultural capitals and we are able to filter everything that is happening around the world through an untainted lens. We are unaffected by trends but can see what is happening elsewhere without being caught up in it. From this position it is very easy to decide what we are going to be influenced by and what is irrelevant to our direction. Because we are unaffected by local culture we are able to be more intune with the global zeitgeist. With globalisation dissolving local culture, we feel this international outlook on subculture is the only way to remain modern and relevant.”      Quote from an interview with Canvas Magazine

Ed and James say they cover most aspects of the Beat Poet projects from patternmaking to fabrication to graphic design and sales. The boys want and need to feel in control of how their Beat Poet brand is perceived. As their label grows more and more popular, they are having to let go of some elements of control as they ultimately hire people, however, they are happy with how people are understanding and responding to their concept and overall vision of what modern menswear should be about.

Check out Beat Poet Fashion collections here –> Beat Poet Clothing

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Beat Poet Mens Summer Clothing & Fashion

Beat Poet Mens Summer Clothing & Fashion

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