Top Australian Eyewear Brands – Best Sunglasses Styles for Summer 2013

Top Eyewear - Australian Sunglasses Summer 2013

For the Summer 2012-2013 season we have already created top trend edits for womenswear, menswear and swimwear, and now comes the last piece of the puzzle – The best sunglasses of the moment from Australia’s top eyewear brands.

Australian Sunglasses for summer 2012 – 2013

Sunday Somewhere

Sunday Somewhere is a Sydney-based eyewear brand founded in 2010 by eyewear aficionados, Carlos Aviles (formerly of AM eyewear) and Dave Allison (formerly of COLAB eyewear). The brand’s design philosophy is – create exquisitely crafted frames, both classic and contemporary to appeal to a wide audience. Each of the label’s collections are inspired by the future and the past, producing styles that are a chic amalgamation of vintage frames, with modern detailing and futuristic materials.

Top Summer 2013 Sunglasses - Sunday Somewhere Matahari Frames

Sunday Somewhere Matahari Frames

Their second collection, entitled ‘The High Life’, coincides with summer 2013 and incorporated a diverse range of styles that signal a gradual evolution from the previous season. ‘Modern with an edge’, the limited edition frames feature mirrored lenses and patterned and plain frames, in a variety of round and angular styles. Our favourite frames from the collection are the retro round ‘Matahari’ frames and the strong square ‘MBP’ frames.

Top Summer 2013 Sunglasses - Sunday Somewhere MBP Frames

Sunday Somewhere MBP Frames

Visit the official Sunday Somewhere website to check out the full collection.

Alannah Hill

Australian Fashion Review favourite, womenswear designer Alannah Hill has extended her product line to include eyewear for the Summer 2013 season, which is exclusive to Alannah Hill boutiques. Created in collaboration Australian eyewear designers Bluroptix, known for their collaborations with the likes of Cutler & Gross and Akira, the debut collection features classic retro styles with a contemporary twist.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Alannah Hill Look At Me Frames

Alannah Hill Look At Me Frames

Each frame is crafted in Italy from the highest quality Italian acetate – an organic material made from natural cotton – to ensure a super high-gloss finish. The lenses are ground from Japanese compound organic resin and hand-dyed to ensure crystal clear vision, whilst offering UV protection. Each style features Alannah’s signature attention to detail and overt glamour, but our favourite styles are the big and bold ‘Look At Me’ sunglasses and the classic cat eye ‘Staring At You’ sunglasses.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Alannah Hill Staring At You Frames

Alannah Hill Staring At You Frames

Visit the official Alannah Hill website to see the complete debut range of sunglasses.

Karen Walker Eyewear

Legendary New Zealand fashion designer, Karen Walker launched her namesake eyewear label in 2005, with instant success. Since then Karen’s eyewear brand has reached cult status throughout the globe, gaining a reputation for producing some of the coolest frames around that are created from the highest quality materials. A firm favourite with some of the world’s most stylish celebs, with the likes of Rhianna, Florence Welch, Mark Ronson, M.I.A and Alexa Chung, all being spotted in Karen’s frames.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Karen Walker The Butler Frames

Karen Walker The Butler Frames

For Summer 2012-2013, Karen Walker gives us ‘Fantastique’, a limited edition cpsule collection that consists of three of the brand’s previous best selling shapes, completely re-imagined into luxurious and unique creations. Each frame is made using intricate laser-cut black or gold metal filigree detailing and our favourite styles have to be the visor style ‘The Butler’ frames and the vintage 50’s-styled ‘Number One’ frames.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Karen Walker Number One Frames

Karen Walker Number One Frames

Visit the official Karen Walker Eyewear website to see the full limited edition range.

ROC Eyewear

Founded in 1990, ROC Eyewear create sunglasses that are more than a fashion accessory – as an indispensable part of daily life, the brand has become an innovator in the eyewear industry for their contemporary frames and directional designs. For Spring/Summer 2012-2013, ROC released its ‘Tough Love’ collection, which takes inspiration from Johnny Depp and Kate Moss circa 1990 as the style muses.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Roc Eyewear Calvin Frames

Roc Eyewear Calvin Frames

Brimming with 90’s nostalgia, the collection features over-sized styles, classic aviators and some retro blue-tinted lenses. Each pair of frames is made from the highest quality materials as well as following sun safety guidelines. Here at Australian Fashion Review Blog we are particularly fond of the ‘Calvin’ frames particularly the blue lenses variation and the ‘Olivia’ frames with their ever chic aviator style.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Roc Eyewear Olivia Frames

Roc Eyewear Olivia Frames

Visit the official ROC Eyewear website to view the full Spring/Summer 2012-2013 collection.

AM Eyewear

AM Eyewear was founded back in 2003 out of a love of retro and old-school frames that were difficult to find in Australia at the time. Since then the brand has evolved from small underground label into a cult eyewear brand that is stocked in over 300 boutiques in over 30 countries. Each pair of frames is meticulously handmade – starting at the design board with pen and pencil, then once each aspect of the style has been brought to life on paper the frame is hand-crafted by a master artisan for up to 14 hours.

AM Eyewear Little-T Frames

For the Spring/Summer 2012-2013 collection follows the story the morning of two young lovers, who are reluctant to let the night die. The colour palette of the collection is as bold as the frames and features vibrant yellow tortoise-shell, 2-tone crystal and transparent olive oil. Our personal favourites of the collection include the super square ‘Little-T’ frames and the delightfully retro ‘Wildchild’ frames.

AM Eyewear Wildchild Frames

Visit the official AM Eyewear website to check out the full collection.


Founded in 2002 by designer Catherine Federici, Isson quickly became recognised for their innovative and directional frames, creating collections that are just the right amount of quirkiness and quintessentially avant garde. Each line follows a character driven aesthetic that is greatly inspired by modern European architecture and industrial design, resulting in eyewear designs that are both playful and functional.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Isson Alec Frames

Isson Alec Frames

Isson celebrate their 10th anniversary with their 2012/13 collection, which features flattering shapes, bold styling that is accentuated by specialist lenses, as well as innovative materials and construction techniques. The anniversary collection introduces the first frames fitted with flat aspheric sun lenses that deliver a distinctive reflective quality, keeping form and function are the forefront of the brand’s design philosophy. Personal favourites of ours include the chunky, marble effect ‘Tyla’ frames, and the futuristic ‘Alec’ frames.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Isson Tyla Frames

Isson Tyla Frames

Visit the official Isson website to see the 10th anniversary collection in its entirety.


Launched in 2010 by Brisbane-based artisans Raffaele Persichetti and Martin Gordon Brown, Holloway is one of Australia’s hottest up-and-coming eyewear brands. Inspired by the local environment, the oceans and the rainforest, the pair set about to merge scavenged and recycled materials, with sketched designs to create a line of sustainable eyewear that is machined and carved by hand. Their innovative wooden frames, made from recycled timbers, including skateboards, surfboards and snowboards, became instantly popular for their style and eco-friendly design philosophy.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Holloway Julias Frames

Holloway Julias Frames

The current collection continues with the signature Holloway design aesthetic of innovation and inspiration. Our favourite styles include the ‘Julias’ frames, with their rich stained wood, retro round style and almost pearly mirrored lenses; and the oversized ‘Queen of Persia’ frames, with deep mahogany wood stain.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Holloway Queen of Persia Frames

Holloway Queen of Persia Frames

Visit the official Holloway website to check out the full collection.

Colab Eyewear

Renowned for creating ‘eyewear for the face’, each season Colab offer a blank canvas for guest designers to create the frames of their imagination. There are no boundaries, no rules to follow and no target market – it is entirely up to the designers to turn their vision into something tangible. Previously the brand has collaborated with the lies of Perks & Mimi, Elke Kramer, Anthony Lister and Mike Perry. Each collection is limited edition with only 1000 pairs available worldwide, so you have to get your hands on a pair quick.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Colab x Loren Askill Frames

Colab x Loren Askill Frames

Their latest offering sees Colab team up with Askill projects for the sixth time, with Lorin drawing influence from a pair of frames that his grandfather bought in the 1940’s that his mother still wears. Lorin has taken the general shape of the 1940’s and captured the mood of the old, dearly loved shades with a washed out colour, heavily set black lenses and ornate metal detail, visible through the arms. As part of the collaboration, Lorin has created a video of meticulously shot stills woven together into moving imagery to create the illusion that the world is evolving around his sunglasses.

Visit the official Colab website to check out the great collections on offer.


Formerly founder of AM Eyewear and Head Eyewear Designer of Ksubi, Graham Mulcahy decided to go it alone in 2009 when he launched his namesake eyewear brand, Graz. Born out of a desire to create craftsman quality mixed with contemporary Bohemia, the roots of the label are set firmly in design, art and music.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Graz General Idea

Graz General Idea

Soon after inception Graz had gained cult underground status and looking through their current sunglasses collection it is easy to see why. Old World craftsmanship is seamlessly blended with modern styling to create timeless frames, each with their own personality. For Summer 2012-2013 we recommend the heavy framed ‘General Idea II’, with tortoise shell being our favourite variation; and the 1970’s style ‘J.J.H’ frames that come with gradient lenses and are available in 8 colourways.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - J.J.H

Graz J.J.H

Visit the official Graz website to view the brand’s recent offerings.

Le Specs

Founded in 1979, iconic eyewear label, Le Specs was a household name throughout Australia throughout the early 1980’s thanks to their Euro chic aesthetic. However, the brand decided to take a lengthy hiatus, but luckily for eyewear fans everywhere, Le Specs relaunched in 2006 and soon were once again renowned for their fashion forward designs at affordable prices.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Le Specs Rudeboy Frames

Le Specs Rudeboy Frames

The summer 2012-2103 collection from Le Specs features plenty of signature European style and youthful charm. Stand-outs of the collection include the totally innovative ‘Rudeboy frames, with their round shape and diamond lenses and the statement round ‘Ding-A-Ling’, with half slate metal frames.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Le Specs Ding-A-Ling Frames

Le Specs Ding-A-Ling Frames

Visit the official Le Specs website to view the full seasonal offering.


Independent eyewear brand, Cassius was founded in 2008 in Auckland by designer Jason Ng and produces handcrafted frames that are a contemporary extension of the look and attitude of the 1960’s and 70s. Jason draws his inspiration from various sources including, the Bauhaus movement, the paintings of Mondrian and the organic geometry of a honeycomb wax cell. The design philosophy focuses on shape and form, with sharp clean lines, discrete tangram-inspired logo and uncomplicated packaging.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Cassius Lautner Frames

Cassius Lautner Frames

This thoughtful attention to detail can be seen in each Cassius eyewear collection, consisting of unisex styles with well-balanced frames and subtle details. Hand-crafted in limited editions, each frame is made from premium acetate and metal, and fitted with top quality lenses bearing a rating of UV 400, conforming to Australian, European and U.S. Standards. Top choices from the current collection include the bug-eye style ‘Lautner’ frames and the classic 80’s style ‘Corbu Edition X’ frames, with the mustard yellow being our favourite variation.

Top Sunglasses Summer 2013 - Cassius Corbu Edition X Frames

Cassius Corbu Edition X Frames

Visit the official Cassius website to check out their full selection of frames.

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