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Biography of the Arthur Galan Fashion Label

After completing his commerce degree, arthur Galan spent a year working in corporate finance before realising that is was fashion that was his true calling. In the early 1990’s Galan decided to set up a clothing manufacturing facility, using the skills learned from his mother and grandfather – both of whom were talented tailors. The business soon grew and expanded and after seven years Galan decided it was time to explore the creative side of fashion.

In 1998, Galan started his namesake fashion label, Arthur Galan AG, initially as a menswear label that would retail through a store on Chapel Street in South Yarra. Using a specially selected retail model, Galan was able to manage both his AG label and manufacturing business alongside each other – Galan filled in down-times in between seasons in manufacturing with production of the AG men’s collection.

Within just seven months in business the second Arthur Galan AG store opened, which grew to five standalone menswear stores in 2002. After just 5 years in business the brand had grown so much that the manufacturing facility could no longer keep up with all the production needs – it was at this time that they stopped manufacturing for external brands, concentrating production solely on Arthur Galan AG.

Arthur Galan Womenswear 01Arthur Galan Womenswear 02

In 2006, a womenswear collection was added to the product range, which further increased the popularity of the brand, cementing Arthur Galan AG fashion label into one of Australia’s leading brands. As of 2011 the Arthur Galan AG collections were available through 19 standalone stores throughout Australia, including in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Additionally the label is available in Myer department stores, as well as throughout South-East Asia including Hong Kong and Singapore (Lane Crawford and Harvey Nichols), as well as New Zealand (Tangs).

The Arthur Galan Brand Aesthetic

“The Arthur Galan AG woman is sophisticated and sexy. The Arthur Galan AG man is assertive and modern”. ­– Arthur Galan.

The design philosophy of the Arthur Galan AG brand is always focused around a top quality fabric, and it is in fact the fabric itself, which is Arthur Galan’s greatest inspiration. It is for this reason that Galan travels to Europe twice a year to source the fabrics used exclusively in his collections. The quality of the cut and of the tailoring is central to the Arthur Galan design process, to create menswear and womenswear collections that are sophisticated and modern.

Arthur Galan Menswear 01Arthur Galan Menswear 02

The ability Arthur Galan has to produce his collections in-house in his own manufacturing facility means that he has complete control over quality, as well as enabling the brand to move quickly in design direction and trend analysis. However, while the Arthur Galan AG label keeps an eye of overseas trends it doesn’t necessary follow them as Arthur himself say: “For me, staying true to your customer and your brand is the most important thing when designing.”

Future of the Arthur Galan Fashion Label

Over the next 18 months the Arthur Galan fashion label is concentration on the development and roll out the concession business within Myer stores throughout Australia. Additionally, the brand has plans to open further standalone stores in Perth and Adelaide in 2012.

Arthur Galan Womenswear Fashion 03Arthur Galan Womenswear Fashion 04

Visit the official Arthur Galan website, here.

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  1. peter

    This is not true at all..all of AG shirts, knitwear and now fashion jackets and coats are now made in China. The only item he makes in Australia is the suiting.

    He also goes overseas twice a year to buy “samples” and then fly it back to his offuce to rip them off! You can see Dsquared, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci etc in his ranges.

    I think he also given his games away when he said “as well as adapt quickly to changing fashion trends” if you are a true designer you would create the trends not build in ways to follow what magazines editorials.

  2. Post

    A great comment Peter – i guess this highlights how a lot of Australian fashion designers are seeing the economic benefits of sourcing and producing offshore. Essentially there are large economies of scale in manufacturing garments overseas, especially when the labour and materials are so much cheaper. However, the issue of quality control and brand reputation is always at stake.

    The best example (and most publicized) is the Bonds move to produce their Aussie garments in China. If the big players can’t make a buck producing in Australia, how are smaller fashion labels going to compete?!

  3. Dennis J. Stewart

    I have only just discovered your label, congratulations, you now have a new client.
    Hopefully we will see you on the Sunshine Coast.

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