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Antoine and Stanley Footwear - Men's Shoes and Boots

Antoine & Stanley Footwear -  Men's Shoes & Boots 2011

Antoine & Stanley was founded in 2004 by Paul Waddy – head designer of the footwear label. Coming from common beginnings in Sydney and now stocked in over 150 outlets worldwide.

With a mixed background of retail, sales, and industrial relations consultancy, the decision to go into men’s footwear for Paul Waddy was founded by a passion for shoes, and the lack of quality men’s leather shoes in the market place.

I found that once I was able to create a design that appealed to me, a lot of consumers agreed and started by Antoine & Stanley as soon as it was put into stores.

A Few words from designer Paul Waddy

What is the Antoine & Stanley label?

Antoine & Stanley specialises in men’s leather shoes. Covering the fashion forward urban type shoes, from combat boots to desert boots, all the way to the classic leather dress shoes. We aim to have a leather shoe for all occasions.

When and where was the label founded? Where is the label stocked?

Antoine & Stanley was founded in 2004, in Sydney. I started in the spare room at my apartment, mucking around with designs, and now in 2010 it is stocked in more than 100 stores throughout Australia and NZ.

What are the future plans for the label?

This year we are aiming to break into the US market, and have already had some great opportunities arise over there. We would also like to increase our online presence, and build our reputation as Australia’s best men’s footwear brand.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw inspiration from.

Inspiration comes from many areas. We recently brought out a men’s boot that was inspired from a World War II military boot found in an army disposal store for $10. Fashion is timeless, and often trawling through the history of fashion will provide me with inspiration for a particular shoe, from a classic brogue, to a desert style sandal. I admire bits and pieces from many designers, and photography from streetstyle blogs such as ‘The Sartorialist’ which also adds to the inspiration.

Name the ideal celebrity that reflects your labels style, or if celebrities have already worn the label – who are they?

Internationally I could see rocking a pair of our combat boots, he knows how to wear his shoes. Locally we have had heaps of celebrities wearing our shoes, including Dean Geyer, Michael Klim, Justin Melvey, Peter Morrissey, Thirsty Merc, Daniel Macpherson and heaps more. We have a great following in that respect.

Antoine & Stanley Footwear -  Men's Shoes & Boots 2011

Antoine & Stanley Footwear -  Men's Shoes & Boots 2011

Antoine & Stanley Footwear -  Men's Shoes & Boots 2011

Antoine & Stanley Footwear -  Men's Shoes & Boots 2011

Antoine & Stanley Footwear -  Men's Shoes & Boots 2011