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Womenswear With Relaxed Tailoring and Contrasting Textures

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Introduction to the Amy Kaehne Fashion Label

Fashion chose me, I’ve just learned to live with it…it’s in my blood.” – Amy Kaehne

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New Zealand-born fashion designer ‘Amy Kaehne’ was born into a creative family – her mother and grandmother were dressmakers – that would set her on the path to a career in the fashion industry. Amy started her desingn career working got New Zealand knitwear brand Fix, following her graduation from Waikato Polytech in a fashion/media degree. Her career continued to gain momentum when she relocated to Australia over a decade ago, where she started designing and selling clothes for a small Australian fashion label.

However, Amy eventually tired of making other people’s dreams come true and decided, instead to make it happen for herself. In 2008, she launched her namesake womenswear label, with her first range ‘Twisted Trees’, which immediately gained the attention of the fashion press and fashion fans alike. The signature relaxed aesthetic of the Amy Kaehne brand resulted in fashion bible, Vogue citing Amy as ‘One to Watch’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

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As of early 2012, the Amy Kahne collections are available through some of Australia’s finest boutiques, including Sydney’s The Corner Shop and Alfies Little Brother Carter; and Western Australia’s Love Story, Ricarda and Varga Girl.

Amy Kaehne Fashion Label: Key Dates:

  • 2008: Amy Kaehne launches her namesake womenswear label, with her first collection, ‘Twisted Trees’.
  • 2010: The Amy Kaehne brand launches a pop-up store, for just a single week in Sydney’s Paddington.
  • 2011: Designer Amy Kaehne is offered a residency at Sydney’s iconic boutique, The Corner Shop. Already the brand’s biggest stockist, The Corner Shop further extended their support with an on site work studio. Also this year, Amy was name by Vogue as ‘One to Watch’ and was approached by Vogue fashion editor Meg Gray to style the lookbook for her Spring/Summer 2011-12 collection ‘The Golden Hands’.

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Aesthetic of the Amy Kaehne Brand

Since its inception, the Amy Kaehne brand has been the fashion label of choice for those who want original, wearable pieces that offer a more contemporary nod to current trends. Drawing her inspiration from nature and Tim Burton’s fantasy tales, each collection has a strong focus on natural fabrics and relaxed tailoring. The colour palette of the seasonal lines tend to be muted to make the collections cohesive, with each piece working pack with the others seamlessly. Print plays a lesser role in the seasonal offerings, with a single signature print each season representing the overall aesthetic of the collection. Instead the major recurrent themes of the collections include, relaxed tailoring, oversized fit, sheer layers and contrasting texture.

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Future of the Amy Kaehne Fashion Label

In the near future Amy hopes to gain further international exposure, especially in Europe, for her namesake fashion label, to build and expand the brand. Amy Says: “I want my label to grow in a relaxed organic way, so that it still remains something that I enjoy – not necessarily a job, more of a creative outlet.”

Visit the official Amy Kaehne website, here.

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