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Introduction to AM Eyewear

“A mate and I once had a dream, of staring a sunglasses label..”

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For as long as he can remember, Queensland-born designer Simon Ponnusamy has been hunting out frames, which defied the norm and redefined that was fashionable, which weren’t so mainstream that they were seen on every face he passed. It seemed natural that Simon would enter the eyewear market for himself – so without any formal design training, he teamed up with friend Graz Mulcahy (who has since moved on to launch his own eyewear label Graz) and launched ‘AM Eyewear’.

The name began as the combination of the duo’s name, Simon’s Indian name Andhra and Graz’s surname Mulcahy – customers found it difficult to get their tongues around the name, so instead started calling the brand ‘AM’. The brand’s first five-frame collection launched in 2003, stamping the unique AM aesthetic on the Australian Eyewear market. Things moved quickly for AM Eyewear after that, with the brand being the first ever optics label to merit their own show at Australian Fashion Week in 2007.

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From its inception the AM Eyewear has brand has grown and evolved from a cheeky young upstart into a cult eyewear label respected and loved around the globe. As of 2012, the AM Eyewear collections were available throughout Australia as well as internationally, in some of the globe’s finest boutiques.

Aesthetic of AM Eyewear

“In every pair is my heart, my soul, my hunger and almost my life.” – Simon Ponnusamy

Simon attributes the success of his eyewear label to the overwhelming support of his friends and loved ones, and as recognition for this, her creates and adapts every pair of glasses with his supporters in mind and names each of his frames after them. Simon also takes influence from a wide range of sources, including his fast-paced life travelling, mingling with the world’s biggest rock stars, the 1950’s and 1970’s, Mod culture, his passion for Vespa scooters and his mother’s collection of vintage sunglasses and photos from her days in the fashion industry.

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Designing the old fashion way, Simon sketches out his ideas using a simple pencil and feels out the lines of the frames allowing the design to form organically. Although it takes a lot longer than the modern design method of using a computer, Simon’s artisan approach is what makes AM frames stand out in the over-saturated eyewear market, and it continues beyond initial design. Once design is completed, a master craftsman will carve each sample out of a solid piece of acetate, until it is just right – this master copy then heads to the production workshop, where is pair is handmade in a process which can take up to 14 hours.

The AM Eyewear collections have a sterling reputation both nationally and internationally for its commitment to cutting edge designs and use of the highest quality materials, including French APX nylon lenses, hand moulded Italian made acetate frames, and French spring loaded hinges. However, the evolution of AM Eyewear frames continues way beyond the workshop – once out of the box the Italian acetate frames mould to the wearers face, giving the a bespoke fit.

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Such is the quality of AM Eyewear frames that many a stylish celebrity owns a pair or two, including Kate Hudson, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Rihanna, Jay Z Gwen Stefani and Beyonce.

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