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Aliano Swimwear Summer 2012

Founded in 2011 by talented young designer Kiara Aliano, swimwear brand Aliano aims to produce luxurious and glamourous swimwear at affordable prices – its designer without the price tag. Available online, Aliano offers a line of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, as well as a range of stylish turbans, capes and kaftans. Recently, we were lucky enough to chat to the woman behind the brand, to talk about her story, influences and what the future has in store for Aliano. Check out our interview below.

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Who is the name behind the Aliano brand and what is your background? What does the label brand specialise in? 

My name is Kiara Aliano and I am the Director of Aliano Swimwear. I worked for 3 years with my parents at their fabric printing company, Mereton Textiles, where I learnt all about the different types of fabrics used in fashion – in particular swimwear. This is where I was able to turn my passion for fashion  into an actual career, with access to all the tools I needed to start Aliano Swimwear.

How did it all start for Aliano? When and where was the label founded?

The label really started back in 2010 – envying a dress I saw on FashionTV and being unable to afford it, I decided to sew something similar. I started to sew everything for myself after that, and when I made a swimsuit that I called the “Bandage” swimsuit, I got more compliments than on anything else I’d made and sold two to some close friends. I realised that with the help of my parents company, Mereton Textiles I could start my own label and so in 2011 Aliano Swimwear was born.

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What are the future plans for the Aliano label?

For the future I plan to keep Aliano a 100% Australian-made swimwear brand. The fabrics are Australian made, the printing is done here in Australia,as is the manufacturing. Even the  garment labels and swing tags are all sourced from Australian companies. Aliano is intended to be luxurious, from design to feel, with the exception of a luxurious pricetag – my intent is to keep Aliano this way forever so that women like me can enjoy all the designer benefits without spending excessive amounts of money.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you take influence from.

Im very inspired by Gucci – I love everything about Gucci, except unfortunatley the price. Like many, I drool over the colours, the models, the clothing, the heels and bags, and everything else. Like most cant afford that type of indulgence, but can draw influence from it – I draw a lot of inspiration from the bold and solid style they incorporate into every design. The signature Gucci style is so casually polished, which I love.

Name the ideal celebrity that reflects your labels style, or if celebrities have already worn the label – who are they?

The ideal celebrity that reflects the Aliano aesthetic would be Anja Rubik, because of her polished yet casual style. She is an upperclass, luxurious woman, with a rough, fun, undone side.

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Where is the label stocked?

Aliano is an online only brand at current, featuring on and the Aliano website.