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    Deshabille Sleepwear – Tilly Top – Sleepwear (Pink)

    $35.70 View Product
  • 8697781.jpg

    Vivobarefoot – Gobi Leather – Boots (Black)

    $219.95 View Product
  • 12853674.jpg

    Globe – GS – Sneakers (Navy)

    $79.99 View Product
  • 8665060.jpg

    Daniel Wellington – Classic Bristol Silver 40mm – Watches (Silver & Brown)

    $329.00 View Product
  • 9133343.jpg

    Teva – Original Universal Marbled – Casual Shoes (French Blue)

    $31.98 View Product
  • 8901387.jpg

    Ray-Ban – Clubmaster Oversized – Sunglasses (Solid Colour Green)

    $199.95 View Product
  • 11433200.jpg

    AP Too – Darby 2 – Heels (Vanilla Satin)

    $179.00 View Product
  • 8683723.jpg

    ONEBYONE – Quarter Back – T-Shirts & Singlets (White)

    $39.95 View Product
  • 11109067.jpg

    Fiebiger Shoes – Last Dance – All Pumps (Blue Hologram)

    $34.95 View Product
  • 11862154.jpg

    Stonemen – Women’s Cheeky Briefs – Briefs (Deep Ocean)

    $44.99 View Product
  • 11477798.jpg

    Yummie Tummie – Della Knee Length A Line Slip – Lingerie (Hush)

    $84.95 View Product
  • 10081002.jpg

    Natalija – Organic Pima Cotton Scoop Top – Sleepwear (Teal)

    $23.00 View Product

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We are a fashion resource dedicated to the top fashion designers and fashion trends in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Fashion Review features hundreds of Australian fashion designers, label & brands. Since our inception back in 2007, we have attracted millions of readers, which we believe is due to our simple concept – to provide online fashion readers across the globe with the latest Australian (and New Zealand) fashion trends each season. On top of this, we profile as many fashion designers, labels and brands as possible, often doing exclusive interview features so you hear the latest direct from the source.

We are proud to say that we are one of the largest dedicated fashion resources for Australian and New Zealand, with a huge fashion designer directory that literally is the A to Z of fashion brand profiles and fashion collections.

Although focused geographically on the Australian and New Zealand fashion scene, our blog includes a variety of fashion styles, including top-end designer brands, as well as boutique start-up labels. We aim to provide the reader with as much scope as possible – which is why we focus on all fashion collections. Clothing (both men’s and women’s), accessories (from footwear to eyewear) are all featured on the site. We also cover all four seasons so you know exactly what has and will be on-trend.

Navigating around Australian Fashion Review

Its really quite simple – our homepage is like the index section of a book as it provides links to all the major sections of our site. Like most other sites, our logo at the top left of the page links back to the homepage.

If you are searching for a specific designer/label/brand, then go to the fashion designers’ directory  – this will provide you with a chronological list of all the brands we feature. From there, you can choose to view a profile (if it exists) or collections by that brand name.

If you are less interested in specific brands and simply want to view the latest fashion trends, then we suggest you use the below categories.

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